Arc Reflector 1-Light Setup

*Layout Diagram is at bottom of this page

When I speak to students or classes, I’ve tried for the last few years to inspire photographers to breathe new life into old outdated ways of photographing students and other subjects. One of the most dramatic setups we have at our disposal also is one of the simplest to use!

The 1-light Arc Reflector Layout is not only easy to setup in a small location, but it’s easy to replicate due to its low cost. You have your light of choice with an Octobox, Softbox, or Shoot-thru umbrella. Then add a single arc-reflector (see link below), a simple black, charcoal, or white background with background stands and you’re done. It’s that simple and you get very dramatic effect with superb lighting and great detail on the face.

This setup is best for Junior High students and older, although several studios have had success with it in their elementaries this last season.

You can view the Arc Reflectors (also known as Eyelighter) in a variety of configurations. Here are some links for you. *These are affiliate links which don’t change how you access the product or the price, but they help support the community just a tiny bit if you purchase from them.

Adorama – Westcott Eyelighter 3 Reflective Panel

Adorama – Glow ArcLight II Curved Reflector Kit With 7.2′ Pro Air-Cushioned Heavy-Duty Light Stand –

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