Overview of Volume Photography

Volume Photography – what is it?  Well, it’s probably a loaded phrase.  To some purists, only 30,000 students a year is considered “real volume.”  To others, it’s a single school of 200 students. 

Who is right?  Really, they both can be.  To a portrait photographer that is accustomed to photographing a maximum of, say, 20 to 25 subjects in a day, then a school of 400 kids and an expectation to be done by 11:00 a.m. is definitely volume.  But, to a company that photographs 100 to 200 schools or perhaps 30 sports leagues a year, this single small school would hardly cause them to break a sweat.

Here in Systems 4 Volume Photographers, our mission is to serve anyone that is photographing volume work and we will define that as a studio photographing more than 100 individuals in a single event or session. 

The reason that we are able to support a broad range of scenarios is that many of the processes are the same, whether a studio is working to get 10 jobs or 100.  It’s simply a matter of 

  • Review
  • Refine (your process),
  • and Repeat

We work to develop Systems for you so that you know you and your team can do the same successful thing over and over again.  Of course, this can also help prevent you from doing the wrong thing over and over again.

I hope you will immerse yourself in our community and let us help you grow your systems and your business.

As the founder, my one driving mission is to help you streamline and grow your business so that you can make more money and make Life Altering Change for you, your family, and your staff!

Make sure that as you go through each module in this course, download the workbook or handout and follow along with the work.  I know, I know, we don’t like homework, but these assignments are super critical to you being able to adjust your mindset and open up to better business systems.  Remember, I and my team are here to help you.  Let’s get started!