Year-Round Photography

Know what is booking this month so you’re on target!

Just as with most businesses, within your Volume Photography business Timing is Critical. Most of the volume photo events that we work to acquire have specific times of the year in which they decide on their new photographer for the next season. If you miss this window, you’re behind the new decision and have to wait, sometimes 1 to 3 years to be able to get them to change. It is so important so know what types of events are booking now, and what types of events are photographing now (meaning they booked weeks or months ago).

We add new segments to this each month throughout the year and try to have a little fun with it. Join in and make sure you’re filling the pipeline!

NOTE: Each Lesson will explain the booking/photographing schedule for that month, and at the conclusion of each lesson, you’ll find a short fun video explaining it further for you.

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