Intro and Year-Round Marketing Calendar

Concept of the Year-Round Marketing Calendar

The timing your Sales and Marketing efforts is one of the keys to success in Volume Photography.  Have you ever missed getting a proposal in on time? Have you ever tried to get an account only to find out that they decided, some months ago to go with another photographer?  It’s happened to everyone at one point or another, but that’s the ever-important lesson to be learned. Your sales efforts will be much more effective if you execute them at the optimal time of year when potential client hiring decisions are typically made. 

At Systems 4 Volume Photographers, we help you market yourself at the optimal time of the year to get the best results.  Each month we share promotions you should be planning for and booking NOW. Wait too long and you’ll lose this opportunity for this season or perhaps for another year!  Don’t you need the revenue in your bank account, NOW? 

We’ve broken the calendar up into 3 Tiers. Tier 1 events are so powerful and profitable, that a studio could build a year-round business around any one of these events. Obviously with some non-seasonal downtime (i.e. summer vacation for school photographers). These should be your ultimate goal if you want to build a healthy and well-rounded photography program.

Tier 2 events are still very profitable but perhaps their photo window is smaller (i.e. Dance Schools, Santa Promotions, and Scout Banquets). You should add these where you can but have other items scheduled during the off-season times.

Tier 3 events are good to do, but should be looked at as filler programs to help keep your team busy during potential quiet times. If you are working to duplicate your teams, these types of events can help keep them employed and working while you book enough of the Tier 1 and 2 events to really keep them engaged.

Of course, there are certain high-volume programs that are less seasonal and can be done anytime during the year, or occur randomly as Clients book events.  These are noted with a 12-month long teal bar in the calendar.  However, bear in mind that even though these might potentially be available to do year-round, some clients will have preferences that you will discover that go counter to the norm. 

Download your PDF of the Calendar here: