January photo bookings are very similar to December with most of the events in January having started in December or even November. The main additions new to this month are Graduation photo events. These include 8th Grade Graduation (or Freshmen Graduation if you have that more traditional model in your area) and Nursing or Trade School Graduation Promotions as well as the traditional High School or College Graduation event. We have specific tips on these types of programs to ensure your best profit and performance so either look them up or let us know and we’ll help you out.

The Events Booking in January and their complete window in (parenthesis) are:

  • Schools K-11 (for the following year) (November-May)
  • Youth Sports Leagues – Spring sports (October-January)
  • Childcare Centers & Preschool Promos for Spring (November-February)
  • DANCE SCHOOLS *Get as many of these as you can (November-March)
  • HS Senior Portraits (December-March)
  • 8th Grade/Freshman Graduation Portraits (January-February)
  • Little Grads-Preschools & Kindergarten (December-February)
  • First Communion (December-January)
  • High School Graduation Day Cap&Gown (January-February)
  • High School Proms (January-February)
  • Nursing/Trade School Graduation Promo (January-March)

Year-Round Opportunities:

  • Cheer & Gymnastic Schools Group & Individual pics
  • Directories – Church, Synagogue, Membership, etc.
  • Family Portrait Fundraisers (i.e. your large soccer league, an elementary school, athletic coaches for your high school)
  • Martial Arts Schools
  • Any type of Mother/Son or Father/Daughter dances, Galas, etc.