Systems BLAST! for March!

A very happy March to you!

Can you believe it’s already almost March? This year with the speaking circuit our January and February have flown by! But, we’re ready to rock out at the Volume Photo Academy coming up February 27th-March 1st and I hope we’ll see you there!

​January brought us so many new relationships with PPA members at Imaging USA and we just found out this week, I’m going to be featured in the PHOTOGRAPHER Magazine for PPA this summer! I’m so honored and excited to share more about our program to help studios focus on creating better systems within their business rather than just trying to keep forcing more sales into it. It’s a great topic that I’m very passionate about so I’ll keep you in the loop with what we have coming up.

At both Imaging USA and at SPAC, I finally was relieved to see real movement toward resetting the type of photography in our schools, leagues, and early childhood centers. A few of us have been beating the drum for a few years and we can see that photographers are beginning to update their offering and make changes to how the photos look and are perceived by buying parents.

​Our Open House in the Systems 4 Volume Photographers website ( is closing out the first week of March and we’ve been adding more of our regular monthly content in both the front end and the Member’s Only section.

In February we added:

  • Course Additions –
    • Gear & Setup – our 2 most popular lighting diagrams and how to use them. Also, Gear Overview and Consistency is King! Also our Introduction to Studio Lighting
    • You Need Better Systems – this live course took a deep dive into our Systems concept. We are currently resetting this course for use in our new Podcast as well as online course lessons.
    • Next Level Sales – Lesson Hook, Story, & Offer

March additions will include:

  • Vendor Visit with Matt Scoggin of GotPhoto to discuss his extensive interview process with 50 of the top portrait photographers in their system to find out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to adding volume to their workflow. It will be a blast!
  • Studio Sitdown – with Todd Rogers of PortraitEFX of the Upstate in South Carolina. Todd has grown a very successful volume photography studio, well, literally from nothing and he’ll share with us what his key takeaways are when looking back. What would he do differently and what would he do more of?
  • Course Additions – we’ll add 1 to 2 more modules for each of these courses available on :
    • Volume Photography 201 – starting our new course with ‘The Basics’, and Photography Essentials – Natural Light
    • It’s Just Business – Evaluation & Assessment and What is your (target) business?

We’ll have more additions in March, but of course, first, we get to host the top Virtual Summit for Volume Photographers out there! The Volume Photo Academy is February 27th, 28th, and March 1st! We’ll actually also play selected pre-recorded sessions on March 2nd and have a Live Call for people holding our Special VIP Tickets. Want more info or Ready to Register? Go to and you can use Promo Code SYSTEMS25 . That will give you 20% off of any ticket. Here’s a quick list of most of our sessions for you to check out:

Check out these awesome speakers and sessions:

• School Photography – Get the Gig! – Chris Wunder

• Basic Extraction Photo Setup – Carl Bott

• 2 Sides of the Coin; The Softer Side of Sales – Mitchell Moore

• Photographing Sports in a Modern World – Tye Allen

• Communicating Effectively with Parents – Kimberly Linden

• RolePlaying101 – Get Your Convo Down – Mark Hommerding

• Adding Volume to your Portrait Workflow – Matt Scoggin

• 2 Sides of the Coin; The Hustle Side of Sales – Carl Bott

• You Don’t Need More Sales…You Need Better Systems! – Mitchell Moore

• Church Directories – Now More Than Ever! – Chris Wunder

• Making Sports Action Pay & The Parley! – Kendrick Brown

• Not Your Average Ticket – Trey Love

• How to Scale it 10X – Carl Bott

• Can AI Change the Game? – Chris Wunder

• Create Marketing Graphics like a Pro – Venita Kay Black

• Effectively Having Both Portraits & Volume in Your Studio – Michele Celantano

• Modernizing your School Process – Erica Morrow

• Taking Sales to the Next Level – Joe G

• Adding Wow! To your School Photos – Heather Crowder

• Plus almost 10 hours of additional pre-recorded content to be available on March 2, 2023!

That’s it for now (and that’s a lot!!!). Remember, head over to and use Promo Code SYSTEMS25 for 25% off of any Ticket and I’ll see you in the Academy on Monday!


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