My Eleventh Year for SPAC!

After a touch-and-go in Dallas for a day (after Imaging USA in Nashville) I headed west to Las Vegas for SPAC 2023!!! This was my eleventh year attending SPAC and would have been my sixth year speaking if it wasn’t for that darned ole Covid that caught me last year the week before the conference.

This year, I presented the class I couldn’t do in person last year which was Sales Funnel 201 – Let’s Write Out YOUR Funnel. Marathon Press provided blank workbooks for everyone attending and we walked through the steps needed to grow your awareness, pique interest, find out what your prospect desires (which pain they want healed), and then how to get them to take action and follow you through whatever course you take them. Here are some of my great group in class. I do apologize for those on the edges and that came in as we got started for not being in this high-quality event photo!

In addition to this segment, I was able to visit with a lot of studio owners about their challenges and how we can help them with either training or introducing them to our vendor partners (like GotPhoto, Alkit, Emoging, Marathon Press and others.) I saw several new relationships take hold that week.

In a bittersweet moment, I also got to help my friend and former business partner Chris Wunder with his final presentation at SPAC. (I’m not sure we all believe it – and I’m sure he’ll be asked back next year!) Chris is very well known in the volume photography industry and although he still has much to offer the community, Marji, their two German Shepherds, and Pickle Ball are calling his name as he retires this year. I know we’ll keep working together but I do wish him well with any free time he’s able to garner.

That will wrap up my thoughts from SPAC – even though I still have a lot of information to unpack and people to connect with once we’re all back home. Our next big event is the VOLUME PHOTO ACADEMY coming up at the end of February. It’s our event so heads down and blinders on to make sure you have a great Academy this year. To Register or for more information head over to and I’ll see you there!


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