Press Reset and Let’s Go

Press RESET and Let’s Go!

What happens to the kicker that misses the game winning field goal in the last 4 seconds of the game?   They get all of the blame for losing the game!   I’ve never thought this was right, because anyone that missed a pass or made some other error that cost any of the other scores (or missed scoring opportunities during the game) shared equal burden of the loss.  If the other players had made their catch in the end zone in the 3rd quarter, then the kicker wouldn’t have needed the field goal.


In much the same way, the end of the Season or School Year gets much of the blame for the sales ups or downs of the year.  In calendar years, you can’t get through December quickly enough because “It’s a brand new year!” and you expect things to magically be easier, better, more productive because the sun came up differently on January 1.

Here’s a guide so you can evaluate the past year/season and get ready for the next one From the Very Beginning!   Ready?   Let’s Go!

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Be Selfish

I’m going to ask you a favor as you join this community. I’m going to ask you to BE SELFISH. I don’t mean don’t share or participate – quite the opposite. For the next year from now, I’m going to ask you to be Selfish for yourself, your family, and your business.


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