Join me for this 6-Part Series on all things Sales & Marketing!

In this series, we’ll cover:

  • Sales – What is it and Why You Should Love It
  • Marketing – How it is Different From Sales and Why Everyone Loves It
  • Creating Your Avatar – Who Do You Serve and Why Should They Care?
  • Sales Funnels – Is Your Funnel Working…or Leaking?
  • The Plan – Planning out your next 12 months
  • The Fun Stuff!!!
  • BONUS…Sales vs. Systems – Why You Might Be Sabotaging Your Own Sales


Part I
Sales vs Marketing
Why Do You Need Both?

I will walk you through the basics of Sales as well as Marketing.  We’ll discuss how they are similar – and how they are fundamentally different.  This will help us understand why people avoid Sales (at least they used to!)