Systems Blast – April

April Hours Bring August Showers (Of Cash!)

How did your March, well, march along?   Most of you should have started on the spring season.  Did you implement any of the Systems structures we have been talking about this year?  If you did, you should see some of the Entrepreneur Overwhelm back off a little bit. 

I’ve seen both school and sports studios scrambling last minute to put together their program and when I ask some of our students about details, I’m always amazed to have some of them reply “I don’t know yet.”   I do understand that sometimes things come from out in left field to impact our schedules (you know, those OTAs!)  But, we should have a system in place that allows

No Foolin, it’s already April and moving quickly!

The spring season is in full force and everyone seems to be having a good season.  Studios are busy and photographing new events while many are also booking events for the summer and fall.  I’m excited to see the momentum everyone is putting forth.

We just wrapped up the Volume Photo Academy and had an awesome time with over 70 photo studios attending our over 30 hours of interviews and instruction.  If you were one of our attendees, remember to head back to the replays as much as you need within your window so that you grasp all of the golden nuggets of knowledge. 

In March we added 4 new videos in the system and finalized the VOLUME PHOTO ACADEMY Replay Course for those not able to make the Academy itself.  It contains all of the replays from the original course in a nice tight structure around course topic. 

If you missed the Academy and would like to still take advantage of the content, you can purchase the course at .  It will walk you through the process. 

Of course in April, July we are gearing up to host the 17th annual Behind the Camera: School & Sports Volume Photography Boot Camp.  It’s coming up May 8th (NOTE DATE CHANGE – July 30th-August 4th in Birmingham Alabama at the Hilton Birmingham at UAB.  If you’ve been struggling with entrepreneur overwhelm or that feeling of being the biggest bottleneck in your business, you need to be in Birmingham!   We will extensively cover

  • Business – setting up systems in your business for success and sanity
  • Sales – both generic sales tactics and specific ways to secure the following events
  • Schools – A to Z how to book, photograph, and serve schools of any age, public or private.
  • Sports – Learn from the best – With over 100,000 players and students a year, Carl Bott will share how he streamlines his workflow and makes it all work (almost) seamlessly.
  • Early Childhood – The ownership team of Spoiled Rotten Photography will guide you through how to keep your wits and have super successful early childhood events – before, during, and after.
  • OPTIONAL – FRIDAY WORKSHOP – Detailed Systems 4 Volume Photographers workshop to identify and write out the most critical systems for your business and have them help you save your sanity – and your business.

That’s a lot wrapped up into a week, but you’ll get so much more detailed instruction than conferences with 45 minute mini-segments that only give you a taste of what you need.  To REGISTER or find out more info, head over to where you can find out much more that we’ll be teaching.

The Year-Round Marketing Calendar

The Year-Round Marketing Calendar is available to all Systems Members in this cool 1-sheet PDF.  You can click the image to the left – OR – you can find this and other items on the Resource Page under Downloads & Templates!

What’s Happening – APRIL

Events that are Photographing in April/May

  • Youth Sports Leagues – SPRING Sports
  • Spring School Portraits (April)
  • Early Childhood Centers SPRING Promos
  • Little Grads – Kinder Grads (Preschool, Kindergarten)
  • First Communion (May)
  • High School Graduation / Cap & Gown (May)
  • Proms
  • Nursing / Trade School Graduation Promos (May)


Events that are Booking in April/May

  • School Photo Programs (for next school year booking)
  • Youth Sports Leagues – SUMMER sports (April)
  • Youth Sports Leagues – FALL sports
  • Marching Band Composites/Individuals Fall Event
  • ROTC Programs Fall Events
  • Scouting – Pack & Individual for Fall Events


Any Time Events (Can Book/Photograph Year-Round)

  • Cheer & Gymnastics Schools
  • Martial Arts Schools/Academys
  • Church & Synagogue Directories
  • Family Portrait Fundraisers

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